Month: February 2015


5 Feet Tall

Today I watched a little boy being bullied. I watched as his tears came rolling down his beautiful brown face, his long eyelashes sticky from all the crying and the colour of his face turning into some shade of pink. But the most painful part for me was that I was numb. I could not say anything. I did not do anything. I watched in silence, cursing the bigger boy in my heart. I don’t know the little boy’s name but in my mind, I named Rohan.

Rohan goes on the same school bus as me. I watch him almost everyday. He’s short, has a huge voice, perhaps the most beautiful eyes ever and an unconventional sense of humour, even though he’s probably just seven or eight. I knew him and I knew the other boy too but I found myself unable to move. I found my lips shivering and my…

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She would never forget that her flesh was marked with a label like the one on the back of his jacket, or how they played with the brown of her skin like they were dogs and she was scrap leather. But no one else would know.

No one would remember.  (more…)

I am well

I have been losing again.
Each day, an uphill struggle
with double-edged swords
that come in the form of
literary chromosomes.

I’m stuck wondering and
prying, forgetting what I am
for the pleasure of being
somewhat happy in an
unknown habitat. A zone
of no comfort.

They say that I am a libra
and so I must know how
to weigh my priorities right.
They’re wrong. They always
have been. Stars can never
help me win this battle. (more…)