He goes through phases

He goes through phases with his hair and his heart.
Sometimes, he likes fur and big goggle glasses
but then, he turns grey and is a mystery all over again.

I tell myself I know him,
but there are nights when
I see dreams of his face but not his name.

It’s difficult to remember it all.
It’s difficult to articulate it all.
So, I bury the memories under sand
somewhere in my mind’s backyard
and walk away. (more…)


Why do you sing of them?

Because he loved me the least and he hurt me the most.
Because somewhere I got tired of still waters.
I fell for tsunami waves, crashing on my shore
destroying every little piece of me. I hated him in the beginning.
I hated him in the end, but somewhere in between
I fell in love with the idea that the roar in his waters was meant for me.
He screamed and cried, and I cried too. And somewhere there
I began to see the words and melody that formed on my lips. It was
magic. But the painful kind. (more…)

The Song

I have been singing your song for a while now
recommending it to every mouthpiece
that caught my distracted attention
I did not know I’d find myself singing about
terrible things you say I’ve done.

You sing of knives, fire and pens
of how I hurt you when you were already weak
of what I do when all you want is love.

I am hatred, envy, prejudice
I am not yours anymore. (more…)


It was maybe a year ago when I promised you I’d write poetry for you and till this day, you have not given me a single moment that would usher rhythmic sweetness. You gave me only moments of supreme disappointment.

A thousand times, I’ve told myself that you were not worth the knife in my back. So I pretended I was happy for the people you now call strawberry.

I wonder how many were before me and how many will come after. I should fly away and forget your gold dust.

She walked like a penguin

She walked like a penguin and had hair like a lion’s mane.

We laughed as her eyes
mocked other girls we knew.

She taught me cuss words
And told me she did not know their meanings

So we danced as the sun cried.
Then, we promised
We’d never say them till we knew.

We cried both ways-
When we were sad and betrayed, and also
Because her stories were getting funnier each day.

She would make the whole hundred and three of us laugh
But I was the only one who would laugh until
My body bled water made of hilarious gossip. (more…)