So I decided to come here

and face the music that

once loved me. And somewhere

tonight, as the fireworks burst

and the stars came up, I saw your

eyes and looked into them again

and as the music played,

you were mine and I became

yours, all over again. (more…)


It’s funny that I didn’t even get to school today,
despite it being that day where I’d usually be up in arms
with yellow roses and chocolate éclairs. But not today.

Today, I slept in because I don’t really care to go
meet a repulsive personality who’ll tell me, I’m not worth it.

Last time,
I was a slut because I didn’t tie my hair.
I wonder what I’d be today. (more…)


I believed
Was in the ruins of a sunken temple
Or in that dead man I saw floating
Obliviously on a filthy river
That was supposed to be holy.

I thought I’d talk of the markings
On the water tanks,
The graffiti on the thousand
Year old steps and stones
Or of those men in black
Who eat burning flesh
Of humans carcasses.

The saffron saint told me that. (more…)