Month: December 2014


He thought the mysterious complexity in her eyes was beautiful

He did not know the pain that birthed it (more…)


Half a heart

I was born in the arms of imaginary friends

free to roam, made a home out of everywhere I’ve been

– John Mayer


Contact me

In honour of the new year approaching and because I really want to get to know the people who are reading my posts, I’ve added a new page labelled as “Contact me” for anyone to contact me and send any kind of message they’d like to send. I can’t wait to get to know you more!

Please send in any feedback and suggestions also.

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Photo credit: dreams & pancakes / IWoman / CC BY-NC-SA


Caterpillars crawled beneath my skin

as instinct quietly whispered, no.

My conscience warned me as usual

but I only heard the sound of ruthless courage

and the beat of a prideful drum.

I leaped to find my parachute torn

and my throat,

dry and salty.

The earth is far below and I am falling.

Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

You are not a poet

Virtual showrooms are fashionable

these days,

almost too good sometimes.

I order pink, white and red things

that are expected to be delivered

some ten days later.

But he said,

Materialism is not for the poetic

He knows I was overjoyed

when neat brown packets came, some five days early.

I like pretty notebooks

that are wrapped in clear plastic.

But poets cannot be like that, he said

You smile too much

and your curves too showy,

you are not a poet.

Poets dress like they’re homeless

and have glasses as thick

as the skin I’ve developed.

Poets drink cheap rum

and of course,

large gray beards are always appreciated

I never thought you’d be smart,

girls without glasses

or stretch marks never are.

You’re far too thin

and your thighs, too big

you cannot be a poet.

If you were a poet

you’d have shadows beneath your eyes.

Poets always have miserable lives .

You talk too much

You talk too little

No, you cannot be a poet.

Photo credit: Nhoj Leunamme == Jhon Emmanuel / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND