Month: July 2014

All these pretty little projects

It seems like my academic life in high school is filled with projects! Now one may wonder what projects I’m talking of so I shall enlighten you. These “projects” are basically a file of about 25-30 pages on random topics or people the teachers choose. We compile and edit the information and decorate the covers. I’ve stayed up many a time, burning the midnight oil making my projects beautiful to look at and to read. This is no easy task (at least not to someone like me) but I love it because every time I get a new assignment, I learn new things. My so-called “research” on  the topic usually exceeds the needed amount and I begin to become pleasantly obsessive towards every detail of whoever or whatever I’m studying. I say “pleasantly” but some may say “crazily obsessive.”

Anyway, so last year, I did one on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (more…)



Tonight I look upon a full moon, red and bathed in blood

I remember my native country

Where weretigers come to life

In demonic trances of old medicine men.


My grandmother once told me

Of foreign voices and men thirsty for blood

Of a brave woman who withstood them all

My great grandmother, of course.


“I remember the night I escaped (more…)

Beautiful life

I know what I’m about to say is most cliché but it’s also true in every sense!
“The best things in life are free!”
Not that I’ve only realized it now but simply that I’m beginning to see it even more… things like trust and belief are all so unbuyable. Smiles can’t buy them. Money can’t. They’re just free! You either get them or not.

In the end, it just depends on how we live our lives. It depends on whether we permeate with light or we hover in darkness. If we stand for the right things without compromise then things like trust, respect, honor, belief, security and everything else just comes along.