This is not love

Your eyes say things your heart does not know and in your mouth, I see a smile so beautifully crooked that it is now lost as I whisper truth in your ears. There is a life you do not know and I am a song your strings and cymbals can never play.

Your green jacket and yellow monogram, your glasses and mustache, your cash and cards – even your strings and cymbals – say you love me. And I should hold on to you, they say. I should love you back.

But I know the dreams you have been having. I know your fears. I know your truth.

You are not in love.

Photo credit: cszar / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND



  1. I simply LOVED this poem. The message behind it is so profound, so enlightening. Thank you for such a thought-provoking piece on love and its torturous embrace. Looking forward to more of your lovely works. By the way, if you aren’t petty, do you mind popping over to my account and giving me some comments on my most recent post please? Many thanks!


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