Month: September 2015

Featured Post- The Dancer

I am happy to post a submission by Willie Gordon Suting who is a poet and writer from my hometown, Shillong. For me, it is always heart warming to read poems from one of my own. This poem is laced with imagery and a subtle message of hope for the hopeless. Willie’s style is prosaic, simple and full of raw potential. His writings have appeared in the Sunday Supplement of The Shillong Times, a daily from Shillong and also in The Northeast Today (Online Magazine) .He currently works as a schoolteacher in Shillong. (more…)


What she does these days

She used to be just an Egyptian goddess that I would read of,
with a zero figure and pretty face of yellow, hair I want. But today,
these days, she is not a goddess and she is not history. These days
she walks around with black masks and big guns, slashing throats
and reeking of poisonous terror, evil I cannot comprehend. Now,
she is not only making films of severed heads with men who hate
the west but speak like it too. She’s started blowing up dreams (more…)

Call for Poetry Submissions

I have always loved creativity and it’s something that stirs my heart. I also love submitting my work to people, journals, magazines, etc. simply because it is always nice if they accept and you get a platform to showcase a bit of who you are in your work. That is why I have decided to open a Submissions page on my blog because I feel that featuring other writers on my site will not only give them a platform but also create an atmosphere of even more creativity and even better poetry.

I don’t have millions of followers to show your poetry to but I do have quite a wide readership that includes people from all around the world. It’s amazing when I get messages from people from countries I’d never expect. It is really wonderful to see people who take poetry seriously.

So please do send in any poems that you might want to have on my blog.

All rights will remain with the author and should you want to have it removed from the site at any later stage, I will gladly comply. This is not an official publication but just a chance to be featured on a creative forum. (more…)


It’s funny that I didn’t even get to school today,
despite it being that day where I’d usually be up in arms
with yellow roses and chocolate éclairs. But not today.

Today, I slept in because I don’t really care to go
meet a repulsive personality who’ll tell me, I’m not worth it.

Last time,
I was a slut because I didn’t tie my hair.
I wonder what I’d be today. (more…)

What she does these days

This poem was written in response to the ISIS bombing of Palmyra, a major historical site in Syria.  Many say that this terrorist group has destroyed the ‘Venice of the Sands’ and some would even go so far as to say, that the heart of Syrian history has been ripped apart. As a lover of history myself, it was always a dream to go see Palmyra. But now, all that’s left is bombed rubble and stone. But what is even more heart breaking is the people that have lost their lives to ISIS. On the first day, when ISIS captured Palmyra, I read that seventeen people were killed. I am not sure whether that is an accurate figure but I know that innocent blood was spilled. I realize that more than anything, the heart of Syria has been ripped apart because of the people that die in the name of religion. I wish people would go beyond differences and learn to love each other simply, without complexities. This poem reflects my aching heart as I think about the middle east and the blood that is shed. For now, I can only pray.  (more…)

Poetry of the Heart

It’s ironic and almost hilarious that I once sent some poems to a literary magazine and assumed that I was rejected and not published without actually checking the magazine. I went through Thumb Print magazine just now to find that I was actually published in it. Special thanks to Dr Ananya S Guha for his kind words and for giving me a platform to showcase my creativity. It melts my heart that I am noticed, even if it is in the slightest way. It gives me hope that dreams do come through and one day, it’ll be even more than this.


Bethamehi Joy Syiem’s poems delight for their honest, ineffable utterances. This is poetry of the heart. Ancestry, relationship, history and love are the promontories of her poetry. There is a narrative power in her poetry, story within a story. She is not overtly didactic, the moral question is in limbo, it is left to the reader to discover it. The first poem interprets ‘blood’ variously- remarkable for a person of her age. Here is a very young poet confronted by the vastness of life. Her technique has finesse, she comprehends the craft remarkably well.

Click on the link below to check out the website for Thumb Print Magazine

Poetry of the heart- Shillong