This Summer and That Summer by Sanjeev Sethi

I’ve been reading a book named ‘This Summer and That Summer’ by Sanjeev Sethi and I have been enjoying it greatly. If you’d like to read my review on the book, check it out via this link-

For now, I’m going to share one of my favourite poems from the book.  (more…)


All these pretty little projects

It seems like my academic life in high school is filled with projects! Now one may wonder what projects I’m talking of so I shall enlighten you. These “projects” are basically a file of about 25-30 pages on random topics or people the teachers choose. We compile and edit the information and decorate the covers. I’ve stayed up many a time, burning the midnight oil making my projects beautiful to look at and to read. This is no easy task (at least not to someone like me) but I love it because every time I get a new assignment, I learn new things. My so-called “research” on  the topic usually exceeds the needed amount and I begin to become pleasantly obsessive towards every detail of whoever or whatever I’m studying. I say “pleasantly” but some may say “crazily obsessive.”

Anyway, so last year, I did one on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (more…)

Time management for a busy poet

I haven’t really updated my blog for a while because of various reasons. There’s never enough time and blah blah. But I just realized that’s all I ever do.- make excuses. So today I’m writing about time management. I’m no expert in this category so don’t expect too much. I’m just painting my picture of time management for a busy poet. (more…)