All these pretty little projects

It seems like my academic life in high school is filled with projects! Now one may wonder what projects I’m talking of so I shall enlighten you. These “projects” are basically a file of about 25-30 pages on random topics or people the teachers choose. We compile and edit the information and decorate the covers. I’ve stayed up many a time, burning the midnight oil making my projects beautiful to look at and to read. This is no easy task (at least not to someone like me) but I love it because every time I get a new assignment, I learn new things. My so-called “research” on  the topic usually exceeds the needed amount and I begin to become pleasantly obsessive towards every detail of whoever or whatever I’m studying. I say “pleasantly” but some may say “crazily obsessive.”

Anyway, so last year, I did one on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and I can assure you that I know almost any detail of his life. (this, of course, implies only to the details I can learn from books and otherwise) But the best part is that I also became a lover of his poetry. I went through almost a thousand anthologies and books of poems (I think). And that was when I realised that even the old poets can create things that I can relate to today. I fell in love with “The Slave’s Dream” even though I had read it so many times before. I guess when you are in a library, with books all around, the atmosphere is such that you fall in love all over again – with the poems or stories you know so well.

This week, I am completing a study on the life of Genghis Khan the founder of the greatest empire the world has ever known. I don’t agree with everything he did for he was cruel. But he is also fascinating and awe-inspiring. Perhaps this project will inspire me to write more awe-inspiring poems. He is also very confident ( or maybe arrogant is the better word).

Whatever the case, some of the things he says are actually worth remembering throughout a lifetime.


Of course, I have no desire to become the next Genghis Khan. But he’s still one handsome devil. 😉



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