Tell Me

Am I a dilapidated structure that looks like a castle on the outside?
A mirage in a wet desert of unclean dreams and forbidden conversation?
Or am I real like your breathing on my neck, gentle nudges towards the sad, narrow path?
Tell me, who I am. (more…)


What do you think will happen

What do you do think will happen

When you know you have forgotten what your heart swore it would remember

As life becomes a big black pick-up truck, yet you cannot drive by the countryside

Instead, you’re stuck in city traffic.

When you’re like the hookers who make love for a penny or two

As you cuss on Monday, but pray on Sunday

When your body is not yours

For it holds too many untold stories and chronic diseases

You see through a drained tea- strainer

And all that is left are blanched tea-leaves of that thing you once called hope.chlo_dans_l_herbe_by_leingad-d7yg1xi

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