Featured Post- The Dancer

I am happy to post a submission by Willie Gordon Suting who is a poet and writer from my hometown, Shillong. For me, it is always heart warming to read poems from one of my own. This poem is laced with imagery and a subtle message of hope for the hopeless. Willie’s style is prosaic, simple and full of raw potential. His writings have appeared in the Sunday Supplement of The Shillong Times, a daily from Shillong and also in The Northeast Today (Online Magazine) .He currently works as a schoolteacher in Shillong.

Words that rhyme like falling dewdrops
come from her cherry lips.
Her quiet eyes sing a different tune
as she sadly dreams of dancing to the spotlights.
The summer sun had once touched her cheeks at noon
and told her she will dance like a free bird.

But the little town had cast her in its uneventful movie,
where happy endings hope never to occur.
Her light and once poetic limbs
are frozen
and her supple torso
bends only at times when she puts her wedges on…

But she will fly away one day from this place!
She will dance no more with her shadow
but under the rainbow in the charming blue sky
with the smiling sun that would sing to her.
Leaves of boughs would weep in joy
and the sparrows, her friends,
would whisper words, words of her that rhyme…

The city’s window will open when it hears her words,
and it will see her dance,
dance with an honest joy,
weaving a story that would speak of nothing but love.

Photo credit: Pat McDonald / Foter / CC BY-NC


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