What she does these days

She used to be just an Egyptian goddess that I would read of,
with a zero figure and pretty face of yellow, hair I want. But today,
these days, she is not a goddess and she is not history. These days
she walks around with black masks and big guns, slashing throats
and reeking of poisonous terror, evil I cannot comprehend. Now,
she is not only making films of severed heads with men who hate
the west but speak like it too. She’s started blowing up dreams
and also cities, cities of people, cities of temples, cities that echo
a time when the blood of religious conflict did not mark the doorpost
of a blessed land. But now, I also don’t care if the tombs are burnt
and the heart of Syrian history is cut off. I only hope, she’ll stop
ripping out hearts of people, maybe she’ll just be a silent statue,
a painting again. Maybe, she will disappear with the dust that flies
off of baal’s temple. And maybe, the sons and daughters of the
land will get a chance to see a bloodless dawn. Perhaps, they will
get a chance to know salvation.


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