It’s funny that I didn’t even get to school today,
despite it being that day where I’d usually be up in arms
with yellow roses and chocolate éclairs. But not today.

Today, I slept in because I don’t really care to go
meet a repulsive personality who’ll tell me, I’m not worth it.

Last time,
I was a slut because I didn’t tie my hair.
I wonder what I’d be today.

I find that my primacies have changed and last week,
I didn’t find myself a card shop where I’d spend
half my money at. This time, I did not even write a poem.

I tell people, she’s a miserable soul but then right now,
I wonder if I am.
I don’t want to not care.

They don’t deserve this, the ones who cared and those
I loved. One person shouldn’t be able to erect a blank
wall of ingratitude in my spirit.

But then, it’s not just me. My friends don’t care either.
Is this what growing up is?

Yesterday, the boy who sits in front of me wasn’t
allowed to play basketball because being a doctor is
more important.

I once had a mentor who put me on a stage and
told me I could be anyone I wanted,
if I worked.

The structure here is not like that
open stage of independence and liberty.
Only the lucky ones make it here.

There’s a pair of shoes they make us wear and it’s
a size five. Doesn’t matter if I’m a three or he’s a ten.

Photo credit: Vail Marston / Foter / CC BY-NC


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