A cobra

sips white milk slowly

while scheming plots

and plans

against his provider-

Strikes the human

on her left heel

and hisses pleasurably

While somewhere

ignorant mothers

feed their babes

murky waters, they think

are blessed.

Those cows swallow

up this sea

of rice or so

I think

while somewhere

poor men’s children

cry for a handful

of that white gold.

That man hugs trees

like he were to make love

with each one

Yet somewhere,

I know, there are

what would have been

pretty faces,

denied the right

to see this world,

denied the right

to be loved.

In this world

men in black suits

raise funds and awareness

some in white

ask billionaires to take up

useless brooms

as they parade about

in large cars

and designer clothing.

“We want a clean country”

They say.



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