Time management for a busy poet

I haven’t really updated my blog for a while because of various reasons. There’s never enough time and blah blah. But I just realized that’s all I ever do.- make excuses. So today I’m writing about time management. I’m no expert in this category so don’t expect too much. I’m just painting my picture of time management for a busy poet.

Sometimes, people who fancy themselves creative think practical things aren’t for them. Well, that’s how it is with me and , it’s gotten me nowhere. So I’ve realized that just because I write and I love books and music more than anything else doesn’t give me any leeway in life. I need to learn how to manage my time just as much as any person. In fact, I need it even more. Most people have this picture of writers as weird nutcases who don’t do anything except write. They think writers are supposed to have thick glasses, disheveled hair and overgrown beards. Most people think of writers as talented and lonely people. This stereotype especially applies to poets.

So if we who love to write want to change the stereotype, we really need to start being the best versions of ourselves. Actually, we all need to be the best versions of ourselves. The kinds that have an organized plan that still has space for spontaneity. So my advice is buy a book on organizing, get a calendar and write out your plans on it so you don’t forget and most importantly pray.

A little tip someone gave me is don’t plan more than you can handle. So go ahead friends, enjoy life and let’s be watchful of the notorious shadow that goes ahead Time of course.



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