Abysmal Dreams

Where lovers reappear

In a tormentor’s labyrinth

When unbelief triumphs over love

Where the spirit of pride

Undermines true excellence

When a deceitful tongue

Is reflected in a haughty look

Where stubby fingers haunt little angels

And the crackling fire-

Laughs in a hyena’s face

When an old lady mumbles

And silence provokes

Where a young girl’s screams

Are all but scattered in the summer breeze

When un-calloused hands

Are capable of unthinkable brutality

Where a mother’s love is all in vain

And a father’s eyes never once seen

When a scarred face

Is all that is left to love

Where a husky voice

In tape, replayed

When love and hatred

Speak a single tongue

Where in a merciless trance

Friends and enemies seem to become one

When smiles are faked

And tears held back

Where red and yellow notes

Are all that matter

When blood trickles with no end

As sticky flesh is sold off

Where chastity loses its validity

And purity is all but history.






*P. S. – This was my first published poem published in ” The Shillong Times” *
Read more at http://www.theshillongtimes.com/2013/08/04/abysmal-dreams/#o2CqtUEsC5fQGQLP.99

#picture taken from- http://hiv123.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/abyss2.jpg


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