Poetry and Life

I believe there are two kinds of poems a poet can write- the first kind being the ones with some sort of deliberate message, be it didactic or not; while the second kind being the kind we never want to be questioned about. Well at least that is how it is with me. Of late, I find myself preferring to write more poems of the latter kind. These poems bear no meaning or message for me to explain but only that which is somewhat hidden in between the lines. I guess poems as in songs are just places where a person can vent out their true feelings of anger or sorrow or pain or joy. Well, a lot of times I write poems that do just that. I lay it all out. Maybe that is why I’d rather not explain. I’d rather not show myself to the world. Poems- certain kinds of poems- make their creators vulnerable. I think a lot of times we don’t want people to ask us why or what we meant. We dont’ want to be vulnerable.

This of course is all simply because we all have that dark side we would rather no one see. It is almost like every human being is like that Disney movie I was once in love with. Everyone is Beauty and the Beast. Somewhere deep inside, we all have a beast. How we deal with it, is entirely up to us of course. Some of us choose to hide it, others clutch it by the throat and kill it once and for all. Those are the best kinds of people- the kind that actually deal with their beasts. But then, there’s people like me who fight our demons just as well but we do so in the dark.

Some of us may call upon God and faith just as much as any other saint. However, we do so in the dark. We’d rather the world not see. We refuse to make ourselves vulnerable. No harm done. I think. But when all’s said and done, when that war is somewhat over, we are starved. We know no replenishment.

God, faith or divine intervention may be the only right answer.

Well, some say.

But we remain human nonetheless. So we write and we sing or we draw and we paint and we do just about anything  to free our chained souls- because even when we’ve fought, we seldom win. 

It is said the sweetest songs are the saddest ones. The same goes for poetry or anything else I presume. Maybe because the saddest songs or poems comes from a weary heart looking for freedom. And isn’t that the true essence of human life. Don’t we all live to be free? Or at least, we aspire to live.


#picture taken from-http://painexhibit.org/galleries/pain-visualized/ag02_Langerak/© 2014 PAIN Exhibit, Inc.                         # I do not own any rights to the picture. It is not used for any commercial gain and only for the purpose of art.                              #The subject content of the blog is the property of the author(unless otherwise indicated). No part may be reproduced for commercial gain without prior permission.


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